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Monday, February 8, 2010

8th Grade, More Punnet squares

On Tuesday, February, 2nd, a worksheet called "More Punnet squares" was assigned for the next class. That worksheet was then corrected on Thursday, February 4th. That worksheet was basically the same thing as the first one, Except the "Mother of all Punnet squares" was used more often. As I see, Gregor, the previous scribe, did not explain what this "mother of all Punnet squares" is.
This Punnet square isn't very different from the basic Punnet squares. There are 16 squares, and multiple phenotypes are crossed . Let's say "R" stands for hitchhiker's thumb, "r" stands for no hitchhiker's thumb, "T" stands for attached earlobes and "t" stands for unattached earlobes.
There is one of the possibilities when using those phenotypes:

This is the great "Mother Of All Punnet Squares".
I see that I forgot to explain what Phenotype is. Well, the word phenotype comes in a pair with genotype. These two words are closely related to all this genetic stuff. Phenotype is a person's physical appearance whereas genotype his genetic makeup. That means that genotype s a mix of all the alleles in a body that create a drawing of the phenotype, which is it's realization in 3D.
Near the end of the class, our teacher told us about the Quest that is coming next Thursday and that we have to "cool STUDY!!! STUDY!!! STUDY!!!smile".

By Daniel
Next scribe will be Joe.


  1. Daniel - I enjoyed reading your post, although it is a bit brief. You could have given an example from our homework worksheet or you could have linked this page to Moodle so folks could have seen it for themselves. Put a bit more in next time!

  2. Daniel, quite a nice post, although i have a few suggestions with wich you can improve your post.First of all i think you should make the length of your post longer, as well as add a link or four, and maybe a video about, or explaining punnet squares. Perhaps an example from class. Overall, nice post.

  3. Hey Daniel
    Your scribe was pretty good. You explained the mother of all punnet squares pretty well, although you definately could have expanded in some areas such as the previous worksheet we did, and some of the vocabulary we covered. Additionally, you could have added a video for furthurt explanation if you didn't feel like typing it.

    This video does a pretty good job of explaning punnett squares as well as vocabulary.
    Additionally, you could have reviewed on what the Quest was going to be on, or at least posted a link.
    Finally, your layout was just a tad bit boring; try using color or different fonts next time to make people read it easier.
    All in all though, a pretty good scribe.
    -This is a major edit