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Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflection Post

Impressions of the Blogger assingment:

I think that this assingment was overall very good for several reasons. One of the most important of these reasons was that if we were absent we could learn what we missed. Another was hat many of us practiced writing in English and giving a summary of what we did in class. It also helped us to study for tests. However there were many negatives to this assingment. When you wanted to put photos in your scribe post, you had very little freedom to do what you want, meaning that blogger doesn't allow much freedom in posting. Another was that the comments were pretty much all the same, and weren't too helpful. In conclusion: i didn't really like this assingment, but i do think it is helpful for those absent or wanting to recap what happend last class.

Reflection Post

8th grade has been using Blogger for the past two quarters which at times was fun but sometimes not so much. Lets starts with the positive sides of using blogger; if somebody was sick or just couldn’t make it to school they always had blogger to look at and see what the class was studding while they were gone which is a great use. Another wonderful use is the fact that if we were having a test and needed to study for it we could go back and see what we studied and to refresh our memories! These are some of the good facts about Blogger but sadly there are some things about using Blogger that I wasn’t very happy about, for example: in some of the comments that we had to make I did not see a very scientific side in these comments which I thought was a waist of time because we really didn’t learn much from some of these comments. Like a machined before we had to write this kind of comments which also worth a pretty big part of our grade in science. For next year’s middle school students I think I would recommend using Blogger but just making comments an option and not a mush which means it wouldn’t be part of the grade.

Abigail – reflection post.

Reflection Post 2010

Doing Blogger for three quarters in a row was very helpful. I think that this project help many of the 8th grade students becasue if someone was absent, they could go to Blogger and see what they missed during science. I liked doing Blogger becuase it was very simple and fun to work with. I liked writing posts on Blogger becuase it was very fun and I enjoyed it. The thing that I thought was hard on Blogger was putting pictures becuase sometimes the picture did not appear for me. Also, the thing that was very annoying for me on Blogger was that some of the tools for writing posts were very complicated, but all in all, I enjoyed Blogger. I think that this was a helpful use of technology for our class because any student absent could see what he/she missed during school. I hope that this project will continue next year!

Reflection Post

During the past semester that we've been using blogger for science, I have had many positive and negative views of it; many difficulties and highlights; and most of all, many days when my grades depended on it. Blogger was of exponential use when somebody was absent from school, didn't quite catch what the day's homework was, or needed to review for a test. Additionally, if somebody needed more information or a better understanding of something, a couple of videos that my fellow peers posted up really shone out and explained in ways of a completely different dimension. Blogger was also great in the fact that it let us post picture, videos, change backgrounds and font colors to make our posts more visually enchanting for students our age. As time went on over the course of the past two science quarters, blogging got more and more simple to use and I felt as if the majority of my class used it to save them from getting zeros for things they didn't quite catch in class. However, Blogger did have it's negative attributes. Firstly, when you posted a comment to a 6th or 7th grade blog, the computer made you verify to see if you were human, and if you didn't type anything in, it would not post up your comment. Another negative attribute was that Blogger at times erased your blogs for no apparent reason, which was a huge waste of time. Final summation: Blogger, though it is at times risky and unpredictable, is a miracle when it comes to late night homework sessions, and times when Science just gets confusing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reflection Post

Over the course of the last two quarters of science, blogger was of good use. It allowed the students that were absent to catch up on what had been noted in class and gave them a better insight or understanding to what had been reviewed. Blogger gives us the opportunity to be more creative with our works including pictures, color schemes, and attractive layouts. Blogger also gave us permission to use posts for future tests or quizzes as its posts are mainly general recaps of a science class and can be used as a great studying tool. Although blogger was, to a large extent, of good perspective, it did take hold of some negative features. One included erasing the data you posted on blog and having to take zero because it didn't publish. Another feature that had primarily bothered me was that as I was concluding my comment on a blog post, blogger automatically erased the paragraph I had written taking another portion of time from my lunch. Lastly, I didn't enjoy commenting on the 7th and 6th grade blogs as I had to wait for a verification giving me doubts about if my comment was going to post to their blogs. Otherwise, I did enjoy taking part in blogger and thought it was of great help to all students.

Reflection Post

Over the last two quarters we've been using Blogger for science.
In the begining, I didn't really know how to use it, but as soon as I got the hang of it, it was fun.
In my opinion, it was a lot of fun using Blogger! I'm sure it was also very helpful for the people who were absent, or missed a science class. They could easily see what we did while they were gone. Or if there was some information that wasn't clear to them in class, maybe they understood it better from reading their peer's blog post.

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Reflection Post

My impressions about Blogger
My impressions about Blogger are mostly positive. I think the idea of introducing Blogger in our student’s daily life is good. Blogger is a great way for people who are sick to know what happened in class. It also helps clarifies some things you couldn’t understand in class. It is also a way to learn. I also like the fact that Blogger’s interface is easier and nicer than the one in Moddle. Blogger is also like a general base of everything we covered in Science, it is here if you want to print some courses you lost a long time ago. For the negative effect one of them is that Blogger can sometimes don’t save what you wrote in comment which makes it pretty annoying. But in overall all the comments arrive safely to Ms. D. An other negative things about Blogger is the picture manager which is very frustrating, you can’t do everything by yourself, you have to use some standard created by Blogger which decrease the liberty that you want to put in your post.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Study for the exam

On friday June 1st, my friends and I studied for the exams. In class we studied chemistry with all the class. That day we studied all the chemistry paquet with Ms. D. We learned about the periodic table of elements, we learned all the stuff about the periodic table. We learned some symbols from the table, we learned about the atomic mass, the atomic number and the element name and where they are found. We learned also about the molecules in a symbol and we learned to count them. After that Ms. D showed us how to count a series of symbols with the molecules. We talked about all of this stuff that will be on the exam. We talked about the experiment that we did and about the exotermic and endotermic reactions, and Ms. D showed us the table of the endotermic and the exotermic. She explained that one goes up because it is warm and the other goes down because it is colder. After Ms. D gave us a paper that showed all the stuff that we have to study for the exam.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reflection Post

Looking back, the blogging was actually quite helpful to people who were sick and just generally for getting a grasp into the world of blogging. No matter how complicated and frustrating Blogger gets at times I think everyone should be exposed to this form of sharing work. For me, it helped a lot when I was sick or on CEESA trips because I could just go look on blogger and find out what we did in class. However, Blogger does not only have positives. This quarter I had to use a different computer at home and this computer always signed me out of blogger when I clicked “view blog”. As a result, I had to post almost every blog comment and scribe post at school in the mornings as it was impossible to post from the other computer.

Other than that blogging went quite smoothly over the course of the 4th quarter; especially now that we know what we actually have to do. One last thought is that this blog will be extremely helpful when we want to study for our science final, because it roughly outlines what we did,provides information and an general overview. All in all, blogging went smoothly with a few faults here and there.