Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grade 8 Science, Punnett Squares

February 2, 2010

Today February 2, 2010 in science class we worked on the Punnett Square Problems Worksheet that was assigned in the previous science class. We checked the worksheet that was for homework and then we continued a few problems that were not assigned. Through out the class time we talked only about the punnett squares problems which was more fun than we expected.

The last twenty minutes of class we were working on numbers 10 and 11 which the teacher responded to, "These two problems are the mother of all punnett squares." Meaning these two problems are really hard and it is the hardest that she will give us. The two problems were really hard however a student managed to understand them. Which he later explained to the other students how it is done.

This is an example of number 4 on the Punnett Square Problems worksheet:

50% chance that the offspring will have straight fingers

50% chance that the offspring will have bent fingers.

This is a link to a youtube video featuring the very basics to solving punnett squares: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4izVAkhMPQ

  1. #11 (Last problem) on the Punnett Square Problems worksheet
  2. The More Punnett Square Practice worksheet

By: Gregor
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  1. Gregor your post looks great and I love that you have a link to a youtube video about Punnett Squares. Nice work :)

  2. Great Job Gregor !! i like it that yout font is dark enough that we can read and the link for youtube :D Abigail