Monday, February 1, 2010

8th Grade Science, Cloning and Punnet sqaures

Today Thursday 28, January 2009. We were assigned a punnet sqaure sheet which talks about hybrid( hetrozygous ), purebred ( homozygous ) (Tt, tt ). The punnet sqaure sheet used spongebob as a object and we needed to describe his genotypes and phenotypes, phenotypes are physical apperance such as brown eyes, freckles etc and genotype is the makeup of genes and cells,allels that do not ussually show on your physical apperance.
The last 30 minutes we talked about cloning and some of the religous veiws related to cloning. And the morals. Also the successful clone of a sheep which was named Dolly during the class we also talked about the clone of a specific person and if it would share the same emotions as him/her or would he/she have the same actions. We finally concluded that if the clone grew up in the same backround as the particular person there is a slight chance that the clone would have the same behavior, And how there are many protesters and what is the reason for cloning since the world is over populated. A think the biggest part of the conversation was the emotions, actions and other things although a classmate asked why we could not clone humans.
The two pictures are... Dolly the cloned sheep on the left and a fairly simple Punnet sqaure on the right
The next scribe will be Gregor


  1. Hi my name's Hannah and I'm a student of Sargent Park School. So far, you guys are doing good at blogging. Using pictures and diagrahms always gives the reader a better understanding of what you're talking about, espcially when you're blogging about what you have learned in class. Keep up the good work :)

    By the way, here's a link to one of my blogposts so you can see an example:

  2. Thank Jacob! It's awesome that you put put the images of the sheep and the Punnett Square.

  3. Hi there Jacob - I am glad to see the improvements you have made to your Scribe Post. However, you have not added the correct labels, nor did you add who the next scribe is (even though they already know. Look carefully at the directions again and come speak with me if you are confused. Thanks!

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  5. Jacob good work on the first blog post of 8th grade. Keep in mind your labels were missing and are still a bit incorrect. In the future please spell check. You have way too many errors throughout this entry. Also, you could include a bit more scientific vocabulary in the future to demonstrate your complete understanding of the topic. Overall, nice job on your first scribe post!

  6. Nice job Jacob, this really explains briefly and simply what happened this day, it helped me a lot because I wasn't here this day. It is good that you included pictures which show Dolly and a punnet square. You gave an example of one of the punnet square problem you did in class, which was a good idea. The text was good but I saw some spelling errors. Also keep in mind that you were the first one to do a scribe so you didn’t really know how to do it.
    In overall Good Job!

    Kamil -> Minor Edit