Thursday, February 25, 2010

Genetics and Debate

On Thursday, 25th of February, we had science with Ms. D. First, we had a quick review and reminder to get our Editor Posts and minor comments out of the way so we don’t get stuck with them last minute. Afterwards Ms. D introduced a likely field trip relating to the next unit: Astronomy. More information will be coming soon in regards to the field trip.

Our debate teams were chosen for the people that took the quiz on the 23rd of February. We were split into pro and con for the topic:

“ Embryonic stem cell research could allow production of what the world currently lacks- organs, tissue and cells for transplants- that may provide progress in the battle against ailments that are difficult and currently impossible to cure, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. Should use of stem cells be used worldwide?”

The Pro team consists of Emma, Aidan, Severyn, Abigail and Hana. The members of the con team are Arnie, Holly, Ines and Jacob. Ms. D said that in these debates it is important to bring up ethical and moral issues but not have them as the main focus. Also, to find information for both debates Ms. D recommended using instead of Google as it is more efficient.

Additionally Ms. D summed up APA format for the bibliography that must be done per pro and con team for the debate. So in total there must be 4 bibliographies handed in by the class, therefore 2 per debate. The main points for writing in APA format are: include all used resources, put them in alphabetical order by the first letter, categorize them in groups by media, and indent all lines except for the first. This bibliography is due on Thursday the 4th of March along with the debate. After the explanations and clarifications of Ms. D, we went on to the lower computer lab to find information on our debate topics.

Homework for science is to find information for the debate. Also MS.D suggested talking to Davide as he has some good points in the debate already.

LINK to a site that has some great starting information for the two debates:

By: Ines

Next Scribe: Severyn


  1. Nice job. =D I liked how you made it very colorful and how you included a link to Digg and I found the genome site very helpful. I would only recommend using a darker color than orange. :)
    -Alex :)

  2. Wow.... just wow you wrote so much :), it is as if you didnt take your mind of anything but science the whole period. You had alot of good recomendations helped me alot, you also went in depth with the Pro/ Con team you supplied good information somtimes the bright bright colors kind of blinded me, that is just a minor thing. This was very very helpful and thank you for the information :) - Jacob Minor edit

  3. Ines - a very thorough and colorful post here. I love the links you included, both were very helpful. Keep in mind you could also link to the directions on Moodle or the APA Bibliography Maker. I do agree with both comments above that this post was rather helpful for prepping for the debate. Watch color choice at times, although I know you were going for the correct rainbow format :) Well Done :)

  4. Great! I like how everything is organized through colours. And Liked that you used the clean ClearType Calibri font! :D Great that you elaborated on my previously mentioned points!

  5. Good job Ines you wrote so muach. I like your post because is clear you can read and I like the photo of the baby all same,yes your post is organized. But for me is to long.

    (Minor Edit)

    Davide =D