Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diet Coke and Mentos

On May 14, 2010 we had a short Friday class, first everyone got their constellations project back graded. We watched the Myth Busters season 4 – this time the myth they tested was Mentos & Diet Coke.

Here is a link to the video that inspired the myth:


This video has gotten so many views on YouTube and all over the internet so the Myth Busters decided to test it.

This video is explaining about what they did in the experiment and what is happening inside the diet coke bottle:


Homework – answer the 9 questions about the Myth Busters experiment and read pages 6-15 in the textbook. Do Tuesday.

the next scribe is Holly

by Abigail


  1. Good job Abi. I like your post. You give a lot of information in this post you put a good photo about the diet coke and the the Mentos. I like the video that you used about the Canadian men. The title is also very good for this blog. But for me you have to put other information and you have to explain what we did in class wit Ms.D. The font mast be a little bit bigger than this so it is easier to read.

    BUT anyway you did a very great job ABI


  2. Hello, Abigail. This blog post was pretty good. The videos were definitely interesting. But I have a couple questions about the Mentos/Diet Coke solution. First of all, does the type of coke have to be Diet, or did the Mythbusters prove that any Coke could explode? Second, does it work with other drinks? And last of all, can other candies work? Apart from those questions, I don't have much to say about your blog post. Maybe it was a little short. All in all, good job.

  3. Hey Abi,
    I think that it was a good idea to put the cool picture of the coke bottle, and the cool video of two guys doing the experiment. One thing you could maybe improve on your blog post is, add more colors, and make the fond bigger. Another think, is that you could also explain how the Mentos and diet coke myth work better.


  4. Abigail - You have chosen a clear font and your hyperlinks to the Epibirds and Myth Busters are definitely helpful to your readers. I think you could have included more color and the font itself could have been bigger. Plus, a link to Moodle would have helped for understandning what was due for homework. I do feel you have not put enough science in this post. You have not explained why we watched Myth Busters. Nor have you explained what we learned scientifically about this myth - your link helped, but you did not write anything about it. Finally, you are missing a real-life link, which was the added requirement for the fourth quarter scribe posts. More science is needed here! ~Ms. D.

  5. Abigail you did a great job i liked your font and the pictures however i feel like you did not explain that much. Im not saying you did not explain at all however this was a wide topic. Thanks for putting links :D