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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My favourite subject in Science

Reflection post about astronomy.

I like astronomy because of many reasons. The one reason is because it's very interesting and unexplored. The space is very, very big and unknown. You never know what you can find in the universe. Maybe there are some other creatures in other planets. We can't never know how are they living, maybe they are more developed then humans and technologicaly. The universe is so big that we can't know if there are some planets that maybe we can live on it. Because of all these reasons, I think astronomy is a great scientific discipline. You never know what can you discover about universe.


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  3. Hi there Davide - I am glad you did your reflection post, but it was due at the beginning of the quarter. Please keep in mind we will be writing another for June 4th - so keep what you said about Astronomy in mind for when you write the final one about blogging in general. I am glad you have enjoyed this topic so much - it is really cool :) Ms. D.