Thursday, May 6, 2010

The universe!

On Tuesday a guy came in and told us about the universe and wormholes and physical theory and stuff like that. He works as a theoretical Physicist at the university here in Zagreb. The difference between a Theoretical Physicist and an Experimental Physicist is that a Theoretical Physicist makes up mathematics, and an Experimental Physicist tests those mathematics. The man who came in is clearly a Sci-Fi enthusiast, and yes, Star Trek does teach you stuff.
This man went briefly into supernovas. Apparently, there are 5 types of supernovae, each more difficult to explain than the last.

That there is a cool looking supernova, so I decided to throw it in.

Then the guy went on to talk about wormholes and parallel universes. Wormholes are supposed to be like a shortcut in space, its like going across the Pacific in a Honda to get to China, thus far impossible. Not to mention the negative energy and stuff. Apparently, energy can go backwards according to this man (which is supposed to be a violation of physics because all energy needs to move forward or be non-existent) but that is what is theorized to be in the "Throat" of a wormhole. Also, there is no going through wormholes without going backward or forward in time, so it's relatively impractical to be something that is used on a regular basis.

Today, I wasn't there but we had to work on a Constellations project. It is due tomorrow. You can find instructions and Rubrics on Moodle.

Thanks guys!



  1. Hello Aidan,
    I think that your post was very well written, however you used the word stuff. I also think that you could have a different word for guy. Another thing that you could have talked more about are parallel universes. I liked that you used good and visible colors for your scribe post. I also liked how you organized your scribe post. Altogether the post is very good.


  2. Aidan, I think that your blog post is very good because it has a lot of different colors and the picture you chose is very good. You have covered all of the things that Branimir talked about and I think that it was very good. I will make a suggestion that in your post you used two very general words like "stuff" and "guy" that really do not tell me who is the guy and what is the stuff. You could have explained who the guy's name was and specify the stuff. Overall, you did a good job in doing this post Aidan.

  3. Dear Aidan,
    This post tells/explains a lot of what we did on Tuesday in class. And I think you did a good job on the post. The one thing I think could be better is some of the grammar, and the way you wrote some of the sentences didn't make sense to me.
    Apart from that I like it!

  4. Aidan - At this point you have no labels for your entry, which means I will not be grading it until you do. Please follow all directions of the assignment so I can grade it. Thanks :) Ms. D.

  5. Nice post Aidan!
    Next time you could avoid using the word "stuff" and be more specific. Also maybe include what a Supernovae is. What exactly is it? Is it real? Is it a theory? Etc...
    But overall nice job on the colors and picture!
    -Holly (:

  6. Aidan - thanks for adding your labels. You have covered what Branimir discussed in his presentation, but in a rather vague way. Plus, you really should have found out his name and used it. I appreciate that you tried to give clear and understandable explanations of some of what he discussed with us, but you were way too informal with your language. I am glad you have a picture here, but could have included more. It would have been helpful to have a hyperlink to Moodle to find information about the Constellation Project more easily. That definitely needed more explanation. You did use color well, not too much and not too little. Finally, you did not have a real-life relationship explained, which is the newest requirement of blogging this quarter. Watch directions please. ~ Ms. D.