Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Bang History & Interesting Facts!

On Thursday in class we learned about the history of the big bang, and its theory. It was first proposed in 1927 by a priest named Georges Lemaitre.

Big Bang Order:

1) We started of as NOTHING!

2) The first big bang is thought to have been equivalent to dropping a 2.2 kg's bag of sugar.

3) What we call the "Real Big Bang'' was an inflation or an expansion of the universe that interrupted the standard linear expansion shortly after the first big bang.

4) Particle Soup- HUGE amount of matter formed which gets cooler and gets a larger volume (plus, - , 0 , Q , N) In other words:
(protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks, neutrino)

5) The first elements after this were;
1) Hydrogen- (first most abundant element/ first created element)
2) Helium- (second most abundant element/ second created element)
3) Lithium- (third most abundant element/ third created element)

What happens next?
Scientists are still debating on which one of the three will happen next.
  • Some say the universe will have a continual expansion
  • Some say it will have a "big crunch" and it will all crunch together
  • Others say that eventually everything is going to stop

At the end of class we got a Chemistry Unit Note Taking Guide and a Chemistry Packet.

In the Chemistry Unit Note Taking Guide we have to do the thirteen questions about Describing Matter which is on pg. 6-15 in the textbook.
And bring Chemistry Packet to every class from now on!!

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