Friday, March 5, 2010

The Genetic debate

On Thursday February 25th we had Science with Ms. D. With her we study the genetics of cloning humans and animols. After many explanations we started looking for the debate. My group after much research on human cloning was ready for the debate. The members of my group were Alex, Gregor, Kamil and me. We were against another group. My group was against cloning and the ather was for the cloning. The other group was good at answering questions. In the end both groups won.

The last 20 minutes of the class we totalled the points for the final vote.

There was no homework because we finised with the topic of genetic and now start with the topic of astronomy.

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  1. Davide - your font color is a bit difficult to read. Plus you are missing the needed labels for this assignment. I think you could have explained the debate more thoroughly and what your topic was about and what the focus of the second topic was. You have no spelling errors, but you need to put more effort into this style of assignment, as it is worth a project grade. Let me know if you make improvements to it.

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  4. Davide, great job; although i would suggest you put some links on your post, and some images or visual representations of what you're writing about. Also you could exapand a bit more on the topic at hand, to make a longer post.

  5. Davide,you did a very good job. I think that you should add some pictures on cloning. You also should have talked more about what is cloning and the different views that people have about cloning. There was also another topic that was on the debate. It was embryonic stem cell research. You should have talked a bit about what it is and who was doing the pros and cons for the topic. You might want to include the different aspects about the debate and how did the debate worked. I also think that you could have said who the winner was after the tallies were taken. I would add all of this information to your blog to make it interesting. I also think that you should check your spelling (but i know that you are an ELL student) :)Overall, you did a very good job Davide! (major edit)

  6. Good job, you used colors well, so it was easy to read. I think you could have written a little more and perhaps discussed a little more on what each topic was about in a little more detail. Altogether I think you did a good job explaining what happened in class, in a clear and easy to understand post.
    minor edit

  7. Great Job Davide. This was very well written for a ELL student. However you have not gone that far in depth, because we did have 2 main topics and 2 groups for each topic. And you mostly talked about your group. You might want to improve on: first summarizing the whole thing because as I said before there were 2 main topics (Embryonic stem cell research and cloning). And also may want to mention if it was a formal or non formal debate. And how people were graded or how they weren’t. You may also want to consider the different aspects of the debate and how the points were tallied and how the grading was done. In my opinion you could also add the requirements for this debate such as whether or not we had to write a actual essay or if we had to gather information. Davide, you could also add the pros and the cons. Maybe add some picture to make the post more eye-appealing and catchy, you could also expand a bit more on this topic
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