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Friday, April 30, 2010

Stars - By German

On Friday, April 30, 2010, our science teacher, Mrs. DiPietro gave us a presentation about stars. She told us that stars differ in size, mass, color, temperature and brightness. The colors that stars have are blue, yellow, and red, and that their life cycle is as long as sun's, which is 9 billion years. If the star is blue, then it tells that the star is young a very hot, about 35,000 degrees Celcius. Blue stars can also die out sooner than other stars. If the star is yellow, then it is middle-age star. If the star is red, it is cold, around 3,000 degrees Celcius, and it is about to die.

Our teacher also explained us about the sizes of stars (see pictures at the left). First, she told us about Supergiant stars. Their size is 1000 times the diameter of the Sun. These star giants include Rigel, Betelgeuse, and Antares. Then our teacher told us about giant stars. They are 10 to 100 times as large as a sun, and these include Sirius, the brightest star in our sky. We learned that the stars come from Nebulae, and sometimes from EGGs (Evaporating Gaseous Globules)

We also learned Binary stars are stars that stay together because of gravity between them, and that there are 88 accepted constellations in our sky.
APOD 6 due Tuesday, May 4, 2010, at 08:00 a.m.
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  1. Awesome Post, German. The picture that you have at the top is awesome. Some of the font colors you posted are kind of hard to see. Thanks for the post!

  2. Nice post, not too long, not too short, so it doesn't discourage people from reading it. Nicely colored, except for the yellow words, that are a bit hard to read. I like how the first letters of EGG are bold. Also, you sometimes have some small words missing, so make sure to check that next time.

  3. Good post German however it could be better if you removed some of the color font because some of it is hard to read. Otherwise good work!

  4. Hi German, this is really good! The colors and pictures were a nice tough :)Remember that it is MS. D, not MRS. D. But the color yellow is a bit too bright and hard to read.

  5. Hey German. It was a good post because I could understand what you wrote. I learned that stars have different colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue.
    Red are the biggest stars. Stars come from Nebulae and E.G.G.s.

    German, you could make your post better by making the pictures
    Bigger. I could not read the words that were on the pictures.

  6. Hi German,
    I think you did a great job for your scribe post because you managed to teach me about stars and what colors they have. Good job in showing those pictures. One thing you could improve is showing the yellow in black since your yellow in yellow is hard to look at without squinting. Good Job.

  7. Hi German, this was a pretty good blog post. I did notice some grammatical mistakes, such as when you didn't put a "the" in front of "Sun" in the sentence, "and that their life cycle is as long as sun's". One thing I didn't understand was what you meant in the above sentence in my comment. They all have the same life as our Sun? All in all, this was a decent post, but it could be improved.

  8. Good Job German!
    This was a good post.

    Here is what I liked about your post:

    -The idea of the color for each star wasn't bad at all but you could improve it (I'll explain that later in the text)

    -You used the same picture as Mrs. D which is very good because it's really precise for the people that are not at school.

    -You had all the number which were very precise

    Here is what I didn't liked about your post

    -The color idea for each star was good but for the yellow star, it don't work well. We can't easily see what is writhed. You could try to choose an other kind of yellow like a dark yellow to improve it.

    -The post was very short

    -Some grammars error

    Overall it was a brief summary of the class. You did a nice job but could improve your post


  9. German - your post is short and to the point. You cover the basics of what we discussed in class well, but I think you could have included more depth. Plus, a link to some sites to help people understand this topic even further would be helpful. Your pictures are a nice touch, but could be explained further and the star pictures could be bigger so they are more understandable. Good use of color, although watch using yellow, it is hard to read. Plus, you forgot to relate this information to real life. A good post, but there is room for improvement. Ms. D.