Monday, March 8, 2010

On Friday, March 5, we had a Science class with Ms. DiPietro. On this day, we finally finished with genetics and debate we had on the previous day. This day, after genetics, we started the new science topic - astronomy.

Since we just started with this topic, Ms. DiPietro introduced us to astronomy. First we were discussing about what can we find in the sky. Our teacher showed us the pictures of satellites, and different stars. Then we were talking about ISS (International Space Station), where high school students were doing gravity experiments. Also, Ms. DiPietro told us that astronauts that are on on the other planets live in the space stations up to 6-7 months.

During the last 10 minutes of the class, Ms. D showed us the link( with the astronomy photos that are taken every day. Our teacher, Ms. DiPietro even showed us some cool pictures that are on this site. This is now a part of our homework. Ms. Dipietro guided us through the assignment; she gave us the handout about this assignment and explained us what should we do in it.

DON'T FORGET!!! APOD Worksheet is due Tuesday, March 9 and your work has to be e-mailed to Ms. DiPietro at 08:00 AM!!! Check Moodle site if you want to see directions for this assignment.

By German

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  1. HI
    I liked how you put your paragraphs in different colors, but i think that the font is a little to small.
    I think it was a good idea that you put up the link to the astronomy photo.
    Another good thing you did was to put the last paragraph which is the homework in red.
    All in all i thought that it was a great blog post.

  2. Thanks German! But some of your information is wrong. The High school students have experiments that are conducted by astronauts in space, an example is the frog experiment. Another one is that the astronauts live on the ISS not on other planets.

  3. German - Well done in covering the information presented during class. Keep in mind the suggestions given above from other readers - the font is a bit too small and some of the information is not correct. Also, you do not have the correct labeling at the bottom - please re-read the directions and do it correctly. I love the picture of the ISS!

  4. German I would suggest that you make some of the font sizes bigger to make them more visible and I would suggest to add more pictures to make is more eye-caching. But other wise good work,
    I also included two links to a video that you could post on your scribe;

    and... which shows you how NASA assembled the different parts of iss

  5. Very good German I like the photo and the information but the fony is too small to read and put other picturs because there are cooler astronomy pictures. But you did a great work. (Minor Edit)


  6. German, overall, nice job! I like how you used different colors, however like the others have said, the font does need to be a bit more bigger. Also thanks for putting the homework part up, it probably reminded a lot of us! (: (minor edit)

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  8. davide said...
    The first thing I noticed was that there is no title. It is important to have it just to know what to expect from the text. The picture is great and it shows us the theme of the text. The introduction is also great because it explains briefly what we did in class. The second important thig is the size of the font which I think is too small. It should be bigger and that way it will be easier to read. I also noticed same grammar mistakes. It could be more interesting if you put more links, for exampole more video or photo links. It is interesting how you mentioned how HS student do the experiments about gravity in the ISS (international space school ) which was the thing I didn't know. I think the text is too short. You could give us more information about astronomy. It is great how you wrote the last note to not forget to look at Moodle for the homework.I fond one good video about the solar sistem this is the link

    is in the brainpoop
    ( major edit )


  9. German, you did a very good job on this post. I agree with the fact that your font does need to be a bit bigger so that it can be more easier to see. I like that you included the link to the Apod website. It was very helpful. I also liked your picture that you put as it was realted to astronomy. Overall you did an excellent job Herman! (minor edit)