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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Travel Agent for a Celestial Body Project

Hey guys!

On Tuesday in class we started working on the Travel Agent for a Celestial Body Project. Each student in the class has been assigned a celestial body in the solar system/galaxy to find research on them and some time next week we will present them to the class by having a "Travel Fair" meaning that only a couple of people at once will watch your presentation. You will be graded by the class members who come  visit your travel agency, see your brochure and watch your presentation. You are supposed to show/tell them why they should travel to your celestial body, during your presentation. As they come to your agency you need to "sell" your celestial body and give them interesting facts about it.    

Design a travel agency styled brochure using Microsoft Publisher.  Remember to have a set of notes (bullet format) for each of the members of the class from which you design the brochure. You'll also hand in questions on your celestial body for our open note test. 

If there's anything that's still unknown about your topic, you need to write that on your note sheet. 

Keep in mind (Presentation) : 
  • Creativity 
  • Appearance
  • Interest when creating brochure 
  • Show interest while "Selling" and presenting 
You will be turning in a bibliography for this project as well and it has to be in APA format!!!

Some appropriate websites to check out: 

We are allowed to use other websites and research materials as well but DO NOT use WIKIPEDIA!!! 

What to turn in:
  • Travel Agency Styled Brochure- eye catching, colorful, made with Publisher-Due Thursday, April 1st 
  • Typed set of bulleted notes for the class containing the information used to create the brochure (can be emailed or printed and turned in) - Due Tuesday, March 30th 
  • Five (5) typed questions about your celestial body for the test we will be having, including a copy of answers to your questions! (must be e-mailed)- Due Thursday, April 1st!  
  • Typed copy of your bibliography (must be emailed) - Due Thursday, April 1st! 

Good Luck =) 

Next scribe is Hana! 



  1. Awesome job! I think its great that you included such specific information about the Celestial Body Project, and made it very clear yet understandable to what we are assigned to do in this project. I although would consider using more exciting colors instead of black, red, and blue.

    Emma (Minor Edit)

  2. Major Edit 1

    Good Job! I think you did a really good job for explaining. Someone who is sick could really understand the lab and start over. The information was very precise and we had everything that she gave to us written in your scribe. You used different color for the link which was great. You also included all the due dates which were a very good idea. However I think if the link were in hyperlink it would be better. Here is the link for the bibliography maker that you could include
    You could also include the link to the instructions and the rubric of the lab which are there

  3. Wow Cornelia! You did a great job, this sounds interesting. It's cool that you put the assignments to make it easier for your other classmates. One thing you could maybe do more of next time is put more color. Overall great post! :)

  4. Thanks Cornelia! This has been pretty helpful. Thanks for posting what we should be looking out for. I thought that the notes were due with the Brochure. It would have been helpful to include links to the project guidlines on moodle though.


    Minor Edit

  5. This is a great scribe post Cornelia! It is concise yet very descriptive and has great information on what we did that class. Also, these are some great links that are really helpful! One suggestion ,however, would be just to make it more colorful. But, all in all, this is a great scribe post. Very well done!
    Minor edit

  6. Good job Cornelia!
    This definately helped out anyone who was confused about what exactly had to be in our Celestial Body Pamphlet. Maybe you could add pictures in the future to make it more eye-catching and easy to read but other than that it was very well written.

  7. Cornelia - Nice job explaining what is expected from everyone on this project. You have included the requirements and dates due for all of these clearly and the use of colors for them is terrific. A couple things though - your links for websites for research, should be hyperlinked so they are easier to use. Plus it would be helpful to include pictures of things that people are studying to add some "spice" to your post or link to a video that takes a tour through the solar system and galaxy. And, you could've given some examples of what people needed to find in their research, especially your own topic - it makes it more personal. One last thing, you have not included the labels that are required for this assignment, which will have an affect on your grade. Be sure to read all directions. Overall though this is easy to follow and helpful to the readers from the class.

  8. This is a great post!
    You wrote all important informations. I like how you used only 2 colors so that looks more serious. There are no picture but I like the links that you put. It is very easy to read and very helpful. Thank you :)