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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today, Ms. D was gone and we had Mr. Tim as a substitute. We continued talking about astronomy. Mr. Tim told us the correct answers of the pre-quiz that was homework and we had to write down the correct answers in our notebooks. After that, Mr. Tim showed us three Brain Pop videos about the seasons, leap years, and solstices and equinoxes. We also took the quiz after the video and we did pretty well.
Here are the links for the videos:

We also learned about how seasons change and why does Earth tilt on its axis. Mr. Tim showed us an animation about how Earth revolves around the Sun and he gave us information about solstices, equinoxes, leap years, and at what day does each season begin. Mr. Tim had us draw a diagram about the different angles where the sun hits the Earth and where sunlight is reflected through the atmosphere. We had to write down at what date does each equinox or solstice start. Then, he showed us some YouTube videos about where our place in the universe is and how small we actually are.
Here are the links for the YouTube videos: This is a slightly different video with commentary
DON'T FORGET! We have a quiz tomorrow about the notes that we took during class today so don't forget to study!

The next scribe will be Alex.F


  1. Great post! But you could've checked your grammar a bit. I liked that you used different colors and that you put links to YouTube and BrainPop videos, but next time you can make the "Don't forget!" part bigger and the next scribe part bigger as well.

    All in all good job!!!

  2. Good work arnie, but if I was you I would put the links to the videos at the bottom of the post, so you can see the information more clearly and I would also make a space between paragraphs, otherwise very good work.

  3. This was a very nice and clear post. The colors are very awesome but one suggestion I would agree with is that the links could be posted all together on the bottom of the post and a little more clearly organized and explained. Other than that it is a very good scribe with a lot of links.
    Great Job.

  4. Arnie - I like your post. You have a good use of color, but I think pictures involved in your explanation would have been helpful. You could have explained the science of the topics instead of only the names topics themselves the class covered. Nice use of links on YouTube and it was great that you included Brainpop!. But for using Brainpop! you need to give the login and password for the site. Overall, nice job :)