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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tuesday 16 March

What we learned in Science Class last Tuesday:

On Tuesday we learned about the phases of the moon and what causes them. We saw a schematic of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. The reason that we see phases is because of the moon's position in relation to the sun and earth.

1. Sun emits light
2. Sun's light bounces off of the moon like a giant mirror.
3. The moon moves, that position then determines what we see on earth.

Here is a schematic:

This schematic is in real time, but you can speed it up too.

Also on tuesday we learned about the tides. The moon's gravity (roughly 1/6th earth's) pulls on the earth's oceans and causes the tides. There are about two high tides and two low tides each day. The Adriatic sea has very, very little tide. Only a few centimeters in total.

We also learned about the rest of the solar system.

The planets go:

R.I.P. Pluto :'(

Sorry this is so late. I forgot to do my homework.


  1. R.I.P. Pluto.
    I really liked the schematic you posted the link too. It's fun to watch! You could've written a bit more though.

  2. I think that your blog was not bad, but next time can you make it more attractive by adding more colors? I like the fact that you also added links.

  3. Aidan,
    Even though you posted this a little late, this is helpful, especially to me, since I missed this class. I like how you included that schematic. It's pretty cool. However next time you should add some pictures and color your font. Also your second link is wrong,it is really this:
    Here is an interesting way to think of the moon's phases.
    Overall nice job!
    Yes.. R.I.P Pluto ): (Major edit)
    Holly (:

  4. Aidan - your post is clear and to the point. The schematic was a helpful link, the second link did not work. You haven't really explained much of the science you covered. It's too short of a post. Plus, color would have been helpful. You have no lablels and you have not named the scribe. Please pay closer attention to the directions and DO YOUR HOMEWORK on time please!

  5. Aiden,
    I enjoyed your blog and found your written information quite useful.
    I also liked it how your related the schematic to our daily class as it helped me to realize some things I was before confused about. Your points were also stated clearly and directly making it more understandable. In addition, I recommend for you to use more exciting colors such as blue, red, maybe even green to add a small "spark" to the outline of your blog. Moreover, I noticed how your blog is perhaps too short and felt as though this summary did not fully cover what we went through in class that day.

    Here is a useful link describing the Moon phases and Eclipses.

    In general, nice job!(:

    Rest in Peace Pluto..
    Emma (Major Edit)

  6. Aiden i like your information and vidoes! The information is very to the point and I like that. It would be better that you made the font a little bit bigger and that you made your writing colored. I also think that the little phrase about you not doing your homework on time on the blog really has nothing to do with astronomy, so I would remove that. Overall, you did a nice job Aiden!:) (minor edit)

  7. Aidan, I liked your scribe because you explained things so that they were easy to understand. However, I feel that you could have expanded in some areas such as the Earth-Sun-Moon system and the tides. Additionally, your first link was very helpful but you're other one did not seem to work.
    Nice job though