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Friday, March 5, 2010

On Thursday, 4th of March, we had science class with Ms. DiPietro. As you might remember from the previous post, Ines has stated that we will have a debate today on the topic of:

“ Embryonic stem cell research could allow production of what the world currently lacks- organs, tissue and cells for transplants- that may provide progress in the battle against ailments that are difficult and currently impossible to cure, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. Should use of stem cells be used worldwide?” an d "The cloning of "Dolly" the sheep -- thought impossible just 15 years ago -- has created a new branch of science. Should scientists be allowed to clone humans?"

So, on the beginning of the class, Ms. DiPietro has given us time to get ready and to set everything up for the debate. The side of pros included Hana, Aidan, Abigail, Emma and Severyn. Due to the votes, that were made after the debate finished, both teams won. The time passed by very fast due to the monopolization and "pushiness" of the debators. By the end of the class we could have concluded that the debate on the topic of embryonic stem cell was more rought than the debate on the topic of cloning.
Last, Ms. DiPietro published the homework on Moodle , which was to write a reflection on the debate we took this day. It is due Friday, 5th of March.
Author: Severyn
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  1. Sev,
    I like how you posted what the debate topics were. Although next time please don't use that shade of pink, maybe a darker pink because the pink you choose is a bit difficult to read.
    Nice Job!
    Holly (: (Minor edit)

  2. Hi there Severyn - I am in agreement with Holly about the pink color. It's a bit harsh on the eyes. I did like that you hyperlinked to Moodle for the homework. But I think you could have included a picture or two or maybe a link to a site that discusses these very debates. Take it a little bit further next time! Overall - nice job :)

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  4. Hey. Great job on your post, although you can fix a few things; namely, change the color of your font. Also posting a few links such as:


    Also, some pictures or visual representations of embryonic stem cells. Overall good job

  5. Hi! Good job on your post. The notification about the homework was very useful, if classmate is ill, he can always check what was for homework. This is also nice that you wrote a coherent discription about the debate and its topics. But to improve, I think you need to chose darker colors instead of bright pink, becuase most of your post is mostly pink and it is hard to read it. Also, you might have included pictures of Dolly the sheep and embryonic stem cell, so that your post looks more interesting and readers could understand more about your topic. But overall, you did a great job. (Major Comment)