Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflection Post 2010

Doing Blogger for three quarters in a row was very helpful. I think that this project help many of the 8th grade students becasue if someone was absent, they could go to Blogger and see what they missed during science. I liked doing Blogger becuase it was very simple and fun to work with. I liked writing posts on Blogger becuase it was very fun and I enjoyed it. The thing that I thought was hard on Blogger was putting pictures becuase sometimes the picture did not appear for me. Also, the thing that was very annoying for me on Blogger was that some of the tools for writing posts were very complicated, but all in all, I enjoyed Blogger. I think that this was a helpful use of technology for our class because any student absent could see what he/she missed during school. I hope that this project will continue next year!

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  1. Nice work on your Reflection Post Arnie. You have done all of the required things, but you need to pay closer attention to your spelling. ~Ms. D.