Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflection Post

During the past semester that we've been using blogger for science, I have had many positive and negative views of it; many difficulties and highlights; and most of all, many days when my grades depended on it. Blogger was of exponential use when somebody was absent from school, didn't quite catch what the day's homework was, or needed to review for a test. Additionally, if somebody needed more information or a better understanding of something, a couple of videos that my fellow peers posted up really shone out and explained in ways of a completely different dimension. Blogger was also great in the fact that it let us post picture, videos, change backgrounds and font colors to make our posts more visually enchanting for students our age. As time went on over the course of the past two science quarters, blogging got more and more simple to use and I felt as if the majority of my class used it to save them from getting zeros for things they didn't quite catch in class. However, Blogger did have it's negative attributes. Firstly, when you posted a comment to a 6th or 7th grade blog, the computer made you verify to see if you were human, and if you didn't type anything in, it would not post up your comment. Another negative attribute was that Blogger at times erased your blogs for no apparent reason, which was a huge waste of time. Final summation: Blogger, though it is at times risky and unpredictable, is a miracle when it comes to late night homework sessions, and times when Science just gets confusing.

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  1. Hana - nice work on your Reflection Post. You have included some excellent positives and negatives of this experience and I thank you for your feedback. ~Ms. D.