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Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflection Post

8th grade has been using Blogger for the past two quarters which at times was fun but sometimes not so much. Lets starts with the positive sides of using blogger; if somebody was sick or just couldn’t make it to school they always had blogger to look at and see what the class was studding while they were gone which is a great use. Another wonderful use is the fact that if we were having a test and needed to study for it we could go back and see what we studied and to refresh our memories! These are some of the good facts about Blogger but sadly there are some things about using Blogger that I wasn’t very happy about, for example: in some of the comments that we had to make I did not see a very scientific side in these comments which I thought was a waist of time because we really didn’t learn much from some of these comments. Like a machined before we had to write this kind of comments which also worth a pretty big part of our grade in science. For next year’s middle school students I think I would recommend using Blogger but just making comments an option and not a mush which means it wouldn’t be part of the grade.

Abigail – reflection post.

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  1. Abigail - Thanks for your comments about this project. Be more careful with your spelling in the future. I do appreciate your honesty in this post. ~Ms. D.