Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reflection Post

Over the course of the last two quarters of science, blogger was of good use. It allowed the students that were absent to catch up on what had been noted in class and gave them a better insight or understanding to what had been reviewed. Blogger gives us the opportunity to be more creative with our works including pictures, color schemes, and attractive layouts. Blogger also gave us permission to use posts for future tests or quizzes as its posts are mainly general recaps of a science class and can be used as a great studying tool. Although blogger was, to a large extent, of good perspective, it did take hold of some negative features. One included erasing the data you posted on blog and having to take zero because it didn't publish. Another feature that had primarily bothered me was that as I was concluding my comment on a blog post, blogger automatically erased the paragraph I had written taking another portion of time from my lunch. Lastly, I didn't enjoy commenting on the 7th and 6th grade blogs as I had to wait for a verification giving me doubts about if my comment was going to post to their blogs. Otherwise, I did enjoy taking part in blogger and thought it was of great help to all students.

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  1. Thanks for your honesty about Blogger Emma. Nice work on your Reflection Post. ~Ms. D.