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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reflection Post

Looking back, the blogging was actually quite helpful to people who were sick and just generally for getting a grasp into the world of blogging. No matter how complicated and frustrating Blogger gets at times I think everyone should be exposed to this form of sharing work. For me, it helped a lot when I was sick or on CEESA trips because I could just go look on blogger and find out what we did in class. However, Blogger does not only have positives. This quarter I had to use a different computer at home and this computer always signed me out of blogger when I clicked “view blog”. As a result, I had to post almost every blog comment and scribe post at school in the mornings as it was impossible to post from the other computer.

Other than that blogging went quite smoothly over the course of the 4th quarter; especially now that we know what we actually have to do. One last thought is that this blog will be extremely helpful when we want to study for our science final, because it roughly outlines what we did,provides information and an general overview. All in all, blogging went smoothly with a few faults here and there.


1 comment:

  1. Great work on your Reflection Post Ines. I am glad it was helpful for the most part, even though there were some glitches. ~Ms. D.