Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Study for the exam

On friday June 1st, my friends and I studied for the exams. In class we studied chemistry with all the class. That day we studied all the chemistry paquet with Ms. D. We learned about the periodic table of elements, we learned all the stuff about the periodic table. We learned some symbols from the table, we learned about the atomic mass, the atomic number and the element name and where they are found. We learned also about the molecules in a symbol and we learned to count them. After that Ms. D showed us how to count a series of symbols with the molecules. We talked about all of this stuff that will be on the exam. We talked about the experiment that we did and about the exotermic and endotermic reactions, and Ms. D showed us the table of the endotermic and the exotermic. She explained that one goes up because it is warm and the other goes down because it is colder. After Ms. D gave us a paper that showed all the stuff that we have to study for the exam.



  1. Davide - you have chosen a good sized font and have used colors that are easy to read. But you have no pictures, no links and not enough scientific information in this posting. You and your classmates should have been able to use this post to study for the exam - but it's way too general. You have some scientific vocabulary, but it's not defined. Plus, you have many spelling and grammatical mistakes. Overall, it's too short, too general and does not include a real-life relationship, which was the newest requirement for blogging in the fourth quarter. In the future please put in more effort and time into your posts. ~Ms. D.

  2. Davide, i like your choice and size of font. The color is very easy to read as well. However i would add some photos of the periodic table and some of the elements. I would also add some links to websties that can help you learn more about these things. Also you could go more in depth about the atomic number and mass, I.E. that the atomic mass is the average weight of the elements isotopes. OVerall a very good job.