Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reflection Post

My impressions about Blogger
My impressions about Blogger are mostly positive. I think the idea of introducing Blogger in our student’s daily life is good. Blogger is a great way for people who are sick to know what happened in class. It also helps clarifies some things you couldn’t understand in class. It is also a way to learn. I also like the fact that Blogger’s interface is easier and nicer than the one in Moddle. Blogger is also like a general base of everything we covered in Science, it is here if you want to print some courses you lost a long time ago. For the negative effect one of them is that Blogger can sometimes don’t save what you wrote in comment which makes it pretty annoying. But in overall all the comments arrive safely to Ms. D. An other negative things about Blogger is the picture manager which is very frustrating, you can’t do everything by yourself, you have to use some standard created by Blogger which decrease the liberty that you want to put in your post.

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  1. Nice work on your Reflection Post Kamil. You have brought up some important parts here that are both positive and negative about Blogger. One more time though - check your spelling and grammar before posting! ~Ms. D.