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Friday, April 2, 2010

celestial bodies presentations

Today, April 1st, 2010, in Science class everyone had to turn in their Travel Agency Styled brochure, five typed questions + answers about their celestial body, and typed copy of a bibliography in APA format.We got a packet with all the notes each of us took about the different celestial bodies exept from Mars and Comets.Everyone presented their project today exept Cornelia, Alex, Ines, and Abigail; we will present on the Tusday we get back from Spring break.

How Did We Present ?

The person that was sitting alone on one side of the table presented first, the other two people that were sitting across him\her on the other side of the table were the audience. When 5 minutes passed the audience moved to the neat presenter and the presenter presented to the next pair. When the presenters presented to everyone from the audience we switched.

Who Did What?

Sun- Kamil
Mercury- Aidan
Venus- Gregor
Earth- Davide
Asteroids/belt- Emma
Uranus- Luke
Neptune- Holly
Eris- German
Ceres- Jacob
Hauma & Makemake- Hana
Meteors, etc.- Severyn
Exo-Solar Planets- Daniel

Presenting On Tusday:

Comets- Cornelia
Pluto- Alex
Saturn- Ines
Mars- Abigail

Pictures from today's class were sent to your Gmails.

No Homework !!

This is the last scribe for this quarter.

Enjoy Your Break !!!! =]

By Abigail.


  1. Good job Aby you put all the things that we did in class so the blog is good, But there is no pictur and I think the font is to small. But after all good job Aby

  2. Good post Abi, I liked the colors you used. However, you could've added the some of the pictures you wrote about. Other than that it was a great post in which I could learn what you did in class.