Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reflection Post

Well this was my first blogging experience. It is definitely a good way to share things to others around the world. It’s pretty simple to use and understand. I will admit, in the beginning it was a bit hard because Blogger was set to the Croatian language, so it was hard for me to understand it. Thankfully I found out how to change the language, so that made it easier. Another challenge was getting the pictures into a blog post. For some people it worked fine, for others it did not. But even though the pictures did not cooperate so well for me, writing the actual post and making comments was easy and worked fine. This blog is something that will be helpful when a class mate is sick and missed work. Blogger also allows us to see what the other Middle School grades are learning in Science. I think that at first blogger was a bit of a weird thing for us 8th graders, but now we are more comfortable with it and I think that we enjoy reading what our peers have to say about our Science class. It is also interesting to see what other people/ students think about the Science we do. Overall Blogger seems to fine and even though some of us had difficulties, we now understand it.

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