Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reflection Post

What I thought about using Blogger was that it was extremely helpful for those who were confused in class, or absent, or had missed out on any deadlines. It is only helpful though, to those who bother to read it. I found writing my blog to be fairly easy yet tiresome, but I truly enjoyed reading the blog posts of my other peers. I didn't enjoy writing my own as much as reading some of the other's because I was, primarily, confused about what exactly we had to include, how much of it, and how many links and/or pictures were needed. Now, of course, I have gotten better at this and it may be smooth-sailing with writing the posts from now on. This homework assignment is modern, enables us to use color and pictures, and is helpful to ourselves and has a point to it. On one hand I wish every class had this; as it is the more advanced, easier to read, more descriptive version of Moodle. On the other hand I don't think most of my classmates and I would be up to doing the work of that idea. All in all, Blogger is definately a positive experience and is a huge helper to Science class.

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