Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reflection Post

There are many positives and few negatives that come up in connection with the website Blogger. Personally I think it is a great resource for people who did not understand what was happening in class or were sick. As I was sick quite often I found it extremely helpful to go onto the 8th grade blog and find out, to the nearest detail, what happened and what I missed. Another positive to using blogger is that the layout is quite easy to comprehend although writing a scribe post is a completely different subject. Writing scribe posts are one of the few negatives of Blogger. For me it was quite complicated and hard to understand where to put URL’s, pictures, and text. However, with time it gets more understandable. Another negative for me was that I had to help multiple people with their scribe post to find the place at which they could actually post it. Many could not find that place and so I had to instruct them how to get there (since I did my scribe post quite early on). All in all, I believe it is VERY helpful in helping people catch up on what happened in class, the homework and anything else that was discussed. However, there are a few confusing parts to Blogger which make it difficult to comprehend at times with the layout and such. As a summary, it has its ups and downs but it was a great experience and I’m sure it will be in the future!

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