Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reflection Post

Was blogger a useful thing to introduce to us? Well the answer is simple, yes because of multiple reasons. One such reason is, it gives the people who were sick an opportunity to see what we have done in class. Another great advantage to it is that if we have a quiz about a certain topic we can take advantage of blogger because it contains reliable resource to study from that was mentioned in class. Although blogger has a few down sides the positive sides takes over. Blogger has made science class much easier and funner to enjoy.

I liked blogger because of one big important reason, reviewing what was mentioned in class. If i didn't write some notes in my notebook I could always do it using blogger, or if there would be a
up coming quiz I would once again use blogger. Although I disliked blogger in the beginning because I wasn't sure what to write and how much pictures to put, however after looking at my classmates I got the idea. I think blogger is a easy, open source program that should be used in most classes to help the students.

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