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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reflection Post

What I found enjoyable about 3rd quarter blogging was that it was a reliable source to those away and allowed them to go over what the class reviewed while absent. Also, it was not a dull sort of activity, rather, it gave us a chance to use color and pictures for a better, more attractive appearance. The format and structure of the blog, in my opinion, was appropriate as it was efficient, tidy, and easy to note. I also thought a good recap of the day was quite insightful and made it easier to understand. One of my least favorite things about the blog was properly formatting it. Each time I tried to put a picture up, it would disappear. Once published, my scribe post would leave too many spaces and separate words and paragraphs from others, becoming slightly irritating. Moreover, I was not fond of how the fonts were scrambled. When choosing small font, I received large font on the "preview" and my published post making it rather confusing and causing me to re-edit my post.

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